Swim Trainers: DRY TRAINING with plastic handles


Mad Wave’i DRY TRAINING trenažöör on loodud ujumisliigutuste simuleerimiseks ning teie jõu ja vastupidavuse parandamiseks.

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DRY TRAINING with handles at its rope ends allows you to target specific muscle groups at different angles without involving other areas and provides minimal injury risk, which can occur when training with large weights. The simulator can be used in the gym, outdoors, by the pool, or at home. You can use it in any position: lying on your chest or back, lying on a bench, standing, sitting, etc.
DRY TRAINING is 1.2 m long – it is compact and lightweight when folded, which allows you to take it with you to the gym or sports camps.

DRY TRAINING comes with 5 resistance levels so you can customize it to match each athlete’s individual fitness level (as chosen by the trainer). High load levels are suitable for increasing strength, and lower for improving endurance and swimming technique. Each load level corresponds to a specific trainer color:
– Resistance 1.3 to 3.6 kg – gray color (elementary training level, children 10-12 years);
– Resistance of 2.2 to 6.3 kg – yellow color (elementary training level, children of 10-12 years old);
– Resistance from 3.6 to 10.8 kg – green color (intermediate training, adults and teens);
– Resistance from 5.4 to 14.1 kg – red color (adults, experienced swimmers);
– Resistance from 6.3 to 15.4 kg – blue color (professionals).



Black, Green, Yellow


nylon, polypropylene, latex