Swim Trainers: Stationary Trainer


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Designed for swimmers training in cramped conditions in a fixed position between pool lanes. The trainer has a 1.1 m waist strap with two 60 cm long latex cords on the sides. The elastic cords are equipped with 76 cm long adjustable straps with clips at the ends, which can be fastened to the lane dividers. This is so that several swimmers can train in the same lane with just a small distance between them using the STATIONARY TRAINER. The cords fix the swimmer in a stationary position, allowing them to practice any swimming style while the coach assesses the swimmer’s movement and gives advice on adjustments. The ropes are also good for adding resistance – great for strength and endurance training! Resistance levels range from 3.6 to 10.8 kg. Not interchangeable.
Designed for professional swimmers – the trainer has been developed to provide extra drag resistance and to improve your strength and stamina;
Varying resistance levels – from 3,6 to 10,8 kg;
Designed for professional swimmers – the trainer has been developed to help improve swimming technique by providing accurate body positioning in the pool by attaching it to the lane lines;
Compactness – the trainer easily fits any sport bag or backpack.