Swim Trainers: Drag CHUTE Mad Wave


Mad Wave’i DRAG CHUTE on ideaalne valik ülakeha jõu ja vastupidavuse parandamiseks basseinis treenides.

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Designed with an adjustable mouth to provide you with varying resistance levels, the DRAG SHUTE’s cord combines both durability and stretchiness to ensure maximum safety for the swimmer’s spine. The model also features a handy float to prevent interference in kick motion. The trainer is compatible with all swimming strokes.
– Versatility – the trainer is compatible with all 4 swimming strokes;
– Designed for professional swimmers – this swimming parachute will improve your upper body strength and stamina when training in the pool;
– Adjustable mouth – easily provides varying resistance levels;
– Durable and stretchy cord – ensures maximum safety for the swimmer’s spine;
– Handy float – prevents interference in kick motion.