Massage Trainers: Spiky Massage Ball


SPIKY MASSAGE BALL on loodud lihaspingete leevendamiseks. See on mitmekülgne lihtne tööriist, mida saab kasutada mitmesugustes massaažitehnikates.

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SPIKY MASSAGE BALL has been designed to relieve muscle tension. It is a versatile simple tool that can be used in a variety of massage techniques. It is popular for at home use too, allowing ones to perform massages on themselves. The massage ball is covered with spikes that have rounded ends. When rolling, the spikes stimulate tissues that are directly beneath the skin, helping to release tight and uncomfortable muscles, reduce tension, increase blood circulation, and improve skin elasticity. When used with calm, the spiky massage balls delicately affect the areas and do not injure the skin.


Mõõtmed 7 × 7 × 7 cm