Swim Trainers: Long Safety Cord


Professionaalne trenažöör Long Safety Cord on ideaalne ujumistehnika täiustamiseks mis tahes stiilis. Saadaval mitme raskusega.

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The Long Safety Cord professional pool trainer is ideal for perfecting your swimming technique in any style. It is a 6-meter latex cable that stretches up to 20 meters. Inside the main cable is an additional, protective one, which protects the athlete in the event that the outer layer ruptures. This trainer is combined with the Waist Belt (sold separately) to develop and improve stroke strength and leg work, as well as to increase muscle endurance and strength. It simulates competitive speed during the return movement after extension, helping to improve and control competitive technique. When folded, the simulator is compact and lightweight, which allows you to easily take it with you both for daily workouts and trips to sports camps. Unlike the Short Belt trainer, which provides immediate resistance, the long rope builds up resistance gradually. Each level of load corresponds to a specific colour of the simulator, so you can easily choose the level of resistance you need (be sure to consult with your coach when choosing the load):
– Resistance 1.3 – 3.6 kg – grey;
– Resistance from 2.2 to 6.3 kg – yellow;
– Resistance from 3.6 to 10.8 kg – green;
– Resistance 5.4 to 14.1 kg – red



Green, Grey, Red, Yellow


nylon, polypropylene, latex