Resistance: Long Cord


Mad Wave’i DRY TRAINING MULTI komplekt on ülim vedrustusega trenažööride komplekt, mis võib olla teostatav alternatiiv traditsioonilistele jõutõstmis- või õõtsumiskelladele.

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Mad Wave’s Long Resistance Cord are a versatile multi-functional pieces of workout equipment that can be a feasible alternative or supplement to lifting weights. These bands have been designed for functional training, physical training, therapy, CrossFit, cardio, gym workouts and more.
Resistance bands can work for any person at any fitness level, improving flexibility, mobility, and strength. You can use resistance bands for exercises that target any body part without putting extra pressure on the joints. Bands allow you to work out all the major muscle groups: shoulder, cortex, arms, legs, and back. While the usual strength exercises focus on bigger muscle groups, resistance band exercises can be great for targeting those smaller muscles that function as stabilizers, too. Practicing the correct technique, you minimize the risk of injuries, which do happen when lifting heavy weights. Bands come in various colors to denote their resistance levels.
Choose the resistance level that suits you best: red – 9,1-15,9 kg (104 cm*1,27 cm *4,5mm)
black – 13,6-22,7 kg (104 cm*2,1 cm *4,5mm)
purple – 18,2-36,4 kg (104 cm*3,2 cm *4,5mm)
green – 22,7-54,5 kg (104 cm*4,5 cm *4,5mm)