CARPETnBAG kotti on lihtne ja praktiline kasutada. Kott muutub kergesti veekindlaks matiks, mis tagab riietumismugavuse igal pinnal.

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The CARPETnBAG bag is easy and practical to use. The bag easily converts into a waterproof mat that provides maximum comfort for changing on any surface. Using the mat while changing ensures hygiene and protects your feet from contact with the floor. Standing on special marked places on the mat that look like footprints, all you need to do is throw your wet gear off directly onto the mat, and then you can quickly and compactly pack it all up by tightening the cord on the edges of the mat and transforming the mat into a handy bag with handles. No need to move anything around! Diameter: 135 cm.


Mõõtmed 135 × 135 cm